MTV Announces New ‘Teen Mom’ Series – Meet the Cast!

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There's a whole new cast!

Teen Mom has seen some serious changes since its first season. Over the years, Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 have gained a huge following, giving the cast members a celebrity status as well as huge paychecks. Of course, there’s one major change that’s impossible to ignore: none of the cast members are actually teenagers anymore.

There are thousands of reasons fans keep tuning into the show, such as the fact that fans have spent years watching the girls grow. However, to say that the cast members are still a good example of what it’s like to be an average teenage mother is definitely a stretch.

Now, MTV is getting back to its roots with an entirely new Teen Mom show. They’re starting from scratch with an entirely new cast full of girls with their own unique struggles, stories, and strengths called Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

jade young and pregnant

Credit: MTV