Maci SLAMMED for Being “Hypocritical” After Confirming Topless Tv Appearance

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Fans are calling her out!

It’s no secret that Maci Bookout is one of the favorites of the Teen Mom cast. There’s a simple explanation for it: over the years, she’s stayed true to what she believes in, puts her family first, and upholds her strong morals. Of course, there will always be those who aren’t fans of hers, but in general, she’s a pretty popular cast member… But this recent update may just shake things up.

Maci has recently revealed that she’ll be stripping down to her birthday suit for her next TV show appearance. It’s a bold choice, especially for Maci, who has been so conservative in the past. Now fans and her co-stars alike are calling her out for her plan, and some are even accusing her of being a hypocrite!

maci bookout

Credit: MTV