Heartbreaking! Leah Messer’s Update About Ali’s Health Condition Has Fans in Tears

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Too sad!

Even though they all have teenage pregnancies in common, the truth is that none of the Teen Mom cast member’s journeys have been the same. And from the very beginning, Leah Messer has experienced a unique type of hardship when it comes to raising her little ones.

It started from the first time that she had an ultrasound. While her co-stars were shocked to find they were pregnant, Leah was in awe when she discovered that she was pregnant… with twins! And once her children were born, things got even more difficult.

When Leah’s daughters were less than a year old, she began to notice something different about the way her daughter, Ali, was developing. She soon came to realize that Ali had a condition that was affecting her growth. Ali was soon diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy that had never before been seen developing in a child so young. Even though Leah was heartbroken about her condition, she’s managed to stay strong and maintain hope with her daughter.

But Leah and her three daughters are some of the strongest ladies around, and sometimes that means fans don’t see just how difficult things get for them. Although they’ve put on a brave face, it seems there are many complications regarding Ali’s health that the cameras just don’t see. Now, Leah is opening up with a heartbreaking update about Ali’s health that has many fans in tears.

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