Jealousy or Spite? Leah Throws Shade at Ex-Hubby Jeremy and His New Girlfriend!

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It's going down!

Sometimes, couples break up in an amicable, mature, and respectful way. But it seems like no one on Teen Mom has experienced a “good” breakup firsthand. Things tend to get ugly when Teen Mom relationships start to go downhill, especially when there are children involved. Even well after the breakup, the two ex-lovers can often be caught feuding across social media or in person for years to come.

Leah Messer has done a great job of staying above the drama in recent years, but that doesn’t mean she won’t let it get to her now and then. And apparently she just couldn’t help herself when it comes to her ex husband Jeremy Calvert’s new relationship.

Jeremy’s new lady has a lot of red flags, and apparently Leah isn’t down with it. Check out the scathing tweet she used to shut him down!

leah and jeremy

Source: Twitter @TM2LeahDawn