Leah Messer Shares Updates After Daughter Ali Spends Night in the Hospital

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She's sharing an update about Ali's health!

No two parents’ experiences are the same, and Teen Mom has proven that. All of the cast members have their own struggles, goals, and priorities when it comes to raising their children. For Leah Messer, her road has been very unique compared to the other girls.

When her daughter, Ali, was only a few months old, Leah started to notice something different about her development. As her growth went on, Leah started to work with doctors to address Ali’s condition, muscular dystrophy. Since then, Leah and Ali’s paths have been unique, and they’ve stayed strong to overcome hurdles and challenges associated with the condition.

Now, Leah is sharing another update about her daughter. She’s shared how proud she is of her daughter after she bravely stayed the entire night in the hospital as a result of her condition.

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