Leah Messer Hints at New Love After Ending Things with Jeremy Calvert!

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Sometimes, all it takes to finally move on from a bad relationship is to find someone new.

When it comes to Leah Messer, fans have been waiting a long time for someone new to take her mind off of Jeremy.

For over a year now, Leah Messer and her ex and second baby daddy Jeremy Calvert have been engaging in an extensive game of “will they or won’t they.” They’ve been openly hooking up on and off for months now, and Jeremy even asked Leah on a date in a recent episode of Teen Mom 2. Unfortunately, he ended up not taking her out due to his grandfather falling ill.

Fans have been impatient to hear whether Leah and Jeremy will make it official, but now it seems clear they won’t since Leah has a new man in her life!

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Credit: MTV