“I’m in So Much Debt!” Kailyn Lowry Faced With Federal Penalties After She Fails to Pay off Debts

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She's in serious debt!

Being a Teen Mom cast member means putting up with huge amounts of drama, rumors, and scandals… but at least it also means getting a huge paycheck. All of the cast members have gone down different roads with their sizable earnings, and while some have invested in businesses and side jobs, others have decided to live a lavish lifestyle while they can.

It always seemed that Kailyn Lowry was somewhere between these two options. She always treated herself when she wanted to, but still put money into her education and side projects. Maybe she should have saved a little more, though!

Despite making six figures as a Teen Mom star, Kailyn is facing some serious money problems. Could she be on the verge of serious financial problems because of her irresponsible spending?

kailyn lowry crying

Credit: MTV