Mama Drama: Kailyn’s Custody Battle Is Getting Hella Heated

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Vee is really pushing for custody

Being a mom isn’t easy; watching one episode of Teen Mom 2 will show you that. One of the hardest aspects of being a parent is (probably) trying to co-parent with your ex.

Kailyn and Jo seemed to have it down packed though. It’s great to see Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera getting along, being great parents to their child Isaac. Both Jo and Kailyn have moved on with other people and have had more children, and they seem like they’re finally friends with each other. It’s peaceful, but that peace may be broken as Jo’s fiancée threatens Kailyn’s sanctity, even though Jo is not in agreement with her. Does a future step-parent have a right to their fiancé’s child?

vee torres jo rivera fiancee

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Kail just couldn't stop crying about giving her son over to Jo