Jenelle Evans Confirms She Was on Drugs While Pregnant… With Jace!

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The truth comes out!

Everyone has a past, including the cast members of Teen Mom. The only difference is that in the case of the cast members, the rockiest and worst parts of their pasts have all been captured on camera!

When Jenelle Evans became pregnant for the first time, she was only sixteen years old. We all know how the story goes: her baby daddy Andrew Lewis split on her and her son, leaving her struggling to raise Jace on her own. Eventually, her mother Barbara stepped in to help in exchange for Jenelle signing over custody to her… which began the ensuing epic battle between Babs and Jenelle that’s still going on.

Some of Jenelle’s hardest moments of her pregnancy were captured on her 16 and Pregnant episode, but now it’s clear there are some things that MTV didn’t capture. Now the shocking truth of Jenelle’s drug use during her pregnancy with Jace is coming to light.

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