“F**king Dangerous!” Fans Furious After Jenelle Puts Kaiser’s Life at Risk

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Fans are worried for Kaiser!

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are both Southerners at heart. When their relationship started getting serious, one of their priorities was finding land to purchase so that they could raise their children in nature. They soon found “The Land,” which is actually where they hosted their beautiful outdoor wedding. It has also given them ample room to spread out and let their children enjoy nature, hunting, and outdoorsmanship.

However picturesque their new property is, there are some downsides. In addition to the upkeep, there are also certain dangers of raising children in an area without the right precautions. There have been concerns raised about some of Jenelle’s choices, and fans often disagree about what’s actually dangerous. But there’s no arguing that this recent update is overtly dangerous, and is putting her children at risk.

jenelle and kaiser wedding day

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