Nice Try! Jenelle Evans Busted DENYING She Got Plastic Surgery!

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Too weird!

We’ve all made some choices in the past that we might like to keep the world from knowing. Although most people have the opportunity to sweep things under the rug, the Teen Mom cast has a huge disadvantage when it comes to their past experiences. Unlike their viewers, there’s video PROOF of exactly what their adolescent lives looked like.

Most of the Teen Mom cast has decided to embrace their past, since they can’t deny it. Others… Well, others try as best they can to deny it despite the evidence!

Even though there are conflicting viewpoints about plastic surgery, it’s ultimately any individual’s decision to make whether they go under the knife or not. Many people deny that they’ve ever had surgery, but when there’s video proof of it, it’s harder to lie about. So why is this Jenelle Evans star doing just that?

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Source: Instagram @j_evans1219