Jenelle Accuses Kailyn of Making Racist Confession

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Not cool, Kailyn!

While the Teen Mom cast’s relationships are constantly changing, there are those who seem to never get along. Although friendships like Kailyn and Leah’s or Jenelle and Briana’s seem to stay strong no matter what, what’s more common are the long-lasting feuds.

Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry have been at odds for one another for years, but their relationship has taken a particular nosedive of late. It’s not surprising that after MTV aired a full episode devoted to the behind-the-scenes moments of Teen Mom 2, their feud got even worse.

When Kailyn took a shot at Jenelle during the episode airing, Jenelle didn’t hold back with her response. She blasted Kailyn, claiming that she made a racist comment that has fans more than uncomfortable.

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Credit: MTV