Javi Ditches Briana While She’s Recovering From Extensive Surgery

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Bye, Bri!

It’s not common for the baby daddies of the Teen Mom cast to get a lot of airtime once the primary cast members break up with them. It’s easy to see this with people like Nathan Griffith or Corey Simms, who show up less and less on the show as they focus on their own lives. However, it’s become clear that Javi Marroquin isn’t going anywhere, even though he and Kailyn got divorced years ago. Javi has somehow managed to stir up so much drama, in fact, that he’s made more of a splash than some of the girls themselves in recent months!

Javi affirmed his position as resident Drama King when he began dating Kailyn Lowry’s co-star, Briana DeJesus. This was one of the biggest twists Teen Mom saw in 2017, as Kailyn, Javi, and Briana became a confusing love triangle.

Well, now this love triangle has extended by another member: Briana’s ex and baby daddy Devoin.

When Briana flew out to Miami to get her second mommy makeover, Javi flew out to support her. Apparently he wasn’t expecting Devoin to be present, which was enough for him to abandon Briana during her recovery. We thought things were dramatic before, but this situation is just continuing to escalate!

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Credit: MTV