Is Amber Portwood Risking Her Newborn Son’s Life?!

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Watch out, Amber!

If Teen Mom has taught us anything over the years, it’s that everyone has their own style of parenting. Sometimes one style is more popular than another, and sometimes these “styles” are actually very dangerous.

Over the years, the Teen Mom stars have managed to get a hang of this whole motherhood thing, especially since many of them have two or three children. But that doesn’t mean they’ll ever stop coming under fire for their less than popular motherhood techniques. In fact, even the most respected of moms are no stranger to a bit of dissent.

Amber Portwood surprised all of her fans when she revealed that she was having another child. After a long relationship with the nefarious Matt Baier, fans were relieved when she found a much more mellow and caring soul in Andrew Glennon. But fans didn’t have very long to get to know him, since it wasn’t long into their relationship that Amber announced that they were going to be parents! Even though hers was one of the most unexpected pregnancies in the Teen Mom franchise, fans could not be happier for her and her growing family.

But there has been a significant amount of time between Amber’s first child, Leah, and her second child, James. Could Amber have gotten rusty over the years? Many fans seem to think so! Amber has come under fire for this shocking picture of her son in a position that many believe could be life threatening!

Keep reading to watch Amber spill some exciting news!

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Credit: MTV; Instagram @realamberlportwood1_