Baby Daddy Drama: Is Amber’s Sexual Addiction to Blame?

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Could this explain the rumors?

Amber Portwood has just experienced one of the most exciting moments in any mother-to-be’s pregnancy: she’s announced her due date. We now know that Amber’s second child is due on Mother’s Day, and will be very close to Amber’s own birthday. The exciting reveal got fans buzzing about Amber’s pregnancy, but it also made the timeline of her pregnancy all the more clear. If Amber is hiding the secret fans think she is, that’s not a particularly good thing.

Until Amber’s child is born, fans will likely continue to wonder who the father is, despite Amber’s insistence that it’s her boyfriend, Andrew. Some fans think Matt may be the actual baby daddy, while others aren’t convinced either man got Amber pregnant. Now, another piece of the puzzle has come to light.

Amber has been open about her mental illnesses since her diagnosis, but there’s one symptom many with borderline personality disorder experience she hasn’t discussed publicly: sexual addiction. Now, fans are beginning to wonder whether Amber’s experience with sexual addiction could have landed her with an unexpected pregnancy by a total stranger.

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