Trouble in Paradise? Inside Amber Portwood’s “Messy” Relationship With Baby Daddy Andrew Glennon

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Is it as bad as it seems?

There’s no bigger responsibility than welcoming a human being into the world. That’s why before becoming parents, most people make sure they’ve found their perfect match and have all of the necessary essentials to raise a child. Well, not everyone got the memo, and that includes the Teen Mom cast. When they became pregnant as teenagers, they had to struggle and fight to provide for their children and give them safe upbringings. As time went on, nearly all of the cast members ended up splitting from their first baby daddies, proving that the relationship wasn’t meant to be. Is Amber Portwood about to find herself in that situation once again?

Amber shocked fans when she revealed her second pregnancy — mostly because fans were only just getting to know her baby daddy! Whether Amber likes it or not, she’ll soon be a mother of two. But does that mean she and Andrew will be able to work out their “messy” relationship?

amber portwood crying

Credit: MTV