Baby Bonus: How Much Kailyn Lowry Has Made Off Her Fourth Baby

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With Teen Mom being on air for as long as it has, it should be no surprise that numerous fan theories have evolved over the years. Many times, these theories are grasping at straws, or can’t be confirmed by any evidence by the cast members or the show itself… but it looks like one of the most extreme and shocking theories may have some basis in the real world.

Many members of the Teen Mom fan community have often discussed the possibility of a “baby bonus,” meaning that MTV executives bribed cast members with an under-the-table payment for every time they got pregnant. Many fans believed that this is the reason that so many of the girls have had multiple pregnancies over the years.

But there’s more money that comes from Teen Mom pregnancies than just from MTV. And now that Kailyn Lowry has confirmed her fourth pregnancy, all of this is coming back to the spotlight.

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Credit: MTV