5 Times Farrah’s Parenting Made You Cringe

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Bad move, Farrah

Parenting is tough… for anyone. Parents are expected to catch everything, know everything, and take care of everything, all while making it look like a piece of cake. It can be very overwhelming. There are parents in their thirties and fourties struggling to juggle the demands of parenthood, so imagine how hard parenting is for a teenage-to-early-twenties mom.

If Teen Mom has taught viewers anything, its that parenting is undoubtedly tough, especially for young moms, single or taken. There will be growing pains. Of course, when you’re a Teen Mom star, your growing pains are publicized.

No one knows the heat of the spotlight like Farrah Abraham. Her parenting mistakes stay in the headlines. How else is she supposed to know that she’s doing it wrong, though? Feedback is vital for the learning process.

Here are a couple times, for your reference and Farrah’s, that Farrah should have, maybe, just… not.

Source: Instagram @farrah__abraham

No, no, Farrah. Don't do that.