Fans Suspect That Ryan Edwards May Not Be Maci’s Baby Daddy!

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Then who is?!

Compared to the wild experiences of many of her co-stars, Maci Bookout’s record is pretty much squeaky clean. After having her first child, Bentley, with her ex Ryan Edwards, Maci settled down with Tyler McKinney and got tied the knot. She went on to have two more children with him, and is even considering adopting or having another biological child. Although Maci has her own struggles and is constantly working to stay on top of her clothing line, she hasn’t committed any of the controversial acts that has fans of the other girls so divided.

… At least, probably not.

Some fans believe that Maci may be harboring a much more serious secret than she lets on, and if it’s true, it could change the way that her fans view her.

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