Debra’s New Husband Tried to Hook Up With Farrah Online?!

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Teen Mom would be a completely different show if it took place twenty years ago as the internet is inevitably going to play a huge role in what happens on the show and in the cast members’ lives. The stars use social media to break huge news like divorces and pregnancies, not to mention all of the times that they get into massive feuds over Twitter.

Even though some friendships end on social media, sometimes relationships even begin there. Amber Portwood met her current boyfriend Andrew Glennon on Twitter, and her notorious ex Matt Baier as well. Even though Twitter flirting led to serious relationships fro Amber, the same can’t be said for Farrah Abraham.

Many fans wonder what it is Farrah has against her mother’s new husband, David Merz. Farrah has gotten in numerous fights with David and even nearly refused to go to Debra’s wedding because she disapproved of him. Sure, David is uncomfortable, but what was it that Farrah hated so much?

Now, it’s becoming clear, and it’s skeevier than most people previously imagined.

farrah shocked

Credit: WE tv