All for Show! Did MTV Fake Maci and Taylor’s Adoption Storyline?

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Was it fake all along?

For some Teen Mom cast members, the thought of expanding their family sounds more like a nightmare than anything. Many of them feel that their family is already big enough and that having another child might be too much for them to handle. For others, it seems that they won’t be happy until they have a house full of children, and a huge family sounds like heaven to them.

It hasn’t always been this way, but these days it seems Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney have been wanting a bigger and bigger family. Although Maci has had her hands full battling her baby daddy Ryan Edwards as he struggles with his addiction, she and Taylor have spent a lot of time discussing adding onto their family. But instead of going the biological route, they’ve been considering adoption.

However, some fans are beginning to point out a big problem with this plan, which has made them suspicious. Were Maci and Taylor ever really considering adoption, or did MTV “fake” this storyline altogether?

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