“You Ain’t Nothin but a F*CKIN WH*RE!” Says David’s Sister on Jenelle’s Voicemail

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She really holds nothing back in this voicemail!

Imagine that you’ve finally found the perfect partner for yourself. You’re planning your wedding, ready to get married, only to find out that your man’s sister completely hates your guts. That’s the situation that Jenelle Evans finds herself in now.

Her fiancé David Eason’s sister, Jessica, has been blowing up the internet via Facebook and Instagram with dirt she’s got on Jenelle. It seems like Jessica is willing to send attacks any way she possibly can, including nasty voicemails. If you thought that Jessica and Jenelle’s feud couldn’t get any more harsh, you clearly haven’t heard this voicemail yet.

Source: Facebook @Jessica Lenn Eason Miller

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