David Eason Jokes About Hurting Women in Disturbing Facebook Posts!

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These posts don't look good!

Although some of the Teen Mom cast members certainly come off as more genuine than others, it’s safe to assume that they all try to present themselves as best as possible. That means that there will be parts of the stars that they try to cover up in an attempt to come off as more put together or mature. However, eventually the truth will come out, and the people they really are will surface, for better or for worse.

Unlike all of the primary Teen Mom cast members, David Eason only recently took his place in the public eye. That means that everything he did before he began to date Jenelle Evans is still somewhat mysterious. Jenelle and David have painted him in a certain light, but as more comes out about his past, the truth gets more and more unsettling.

This example of David joking about killing women on his social media does not bode well for the newlywed couple. Is David’s real personality a lot more disturbing than it seems on the surface?

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Credit: MTV