Crew Reveals the Most Alarming ‘Teen Mom’ Behind-the-Scenes Behavior

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What's going on off camera?

Long-time fans of Teen Mom may believe they know everything about the cast members. After all, many fans have been following them for nearly a decade since their first appearance on 16 and Pregnant. Of course, there are many people who know the cast members even better, such as their friends and family. But there’s one group of people who have seen more of the girls than practically anyone else: the crew members who have spent years with them, filming their every move.

At the end of the day, only about 15 minutes of each girl’s life makes it into the final cut of each episode. That means a lot of unused footage, experiences, and hours of time that the crew has witnessed ends up on the cutting room floor. As it turns out, even with how alarming some of the on-screen experiences can be, what happens off-screen is often even worse.

Now, many stories from the crew are coming out, showing what happened to stay off camera… and a lot of it is not pretty.

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Source: Instagram @j_evans1219