Jenelle’s Ex Courtland Rogers Spills Details About Meeting With Barbara

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Courtland is here to set the record straight!

It’s no secret that Jenelle Evans doesn’t get along with her mother, Babs. It’s also no secret that she doesn’t get along with her ex-husband, Courtland Rogers. So, naturally, when Courtland, who was released from prison earlier this year, mentioned on Twitter that he “got to see and talk with Babs…” everyone was on high alert.

Well, fans didn’t know what to think. Were they planning? Plotting? Hanging out? Stepping out? The options were endless.

Well, the speculation stops here (that is, if you believe Courtland). We know what went down and why they were meeting because Rogers opened up to RadarOnline and explained it all this morning!

Credit: MTV; Instagram; @irishdoll

So that's why Courtland and Babs are chatting again...