Could Kailyn Lowry Lose Her Job After Blasting MTV?

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It’s true that the Teen Mom cast members spend a lot of time feuding with one another, but the time they don’t spend at one another’s throats, they have a common enemy: MTV.

Over the years, many of the stars have used their platform to call out MTV for a wide array of reasons, the most common of which being bad editing. The stars claim that MTV edited certain things out of the scenes that aired, making conversations and interactions look totally different than what really happened. Some of the stars have even caught MTV splicing together different days of filming into one scene to make it appear that everything happened on the same day — when in reality, it was weeks apart.

Now, Kailyn is taking aim at the network… but did she go too far? Here’s why she’s furious with MTV, and why fans think it could cost her her job.

kailyn crying teen mom

Credit: MTV