Cole DeBoer Shares Unconventional Family Tribute

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Although the Teen Mom franchise has shown us some of the most loving, respectful, and mutually caring relationships there are, it’s no secret that the majority of the couples in the cast have a hard time keeping their relationships together. We’ve seen countless members of the cast split up after nasty arguments, cheating, and worse, and even the couples who have stayed together long term have had some pretty intense ups and downs.

When Chelsea Houska found Cole DeBoer, many fans thought that they would be the first couple in the Teen Mom franchise to show fans that there was hope for fully healthy relationships in the world of Teen Mom. They were a healthy couple who had obvious love and dedication for each other and were both devoted to their growing family.

But now fans seem to think that things between Chelsea and Cole aren’t as healthy as they may seem.


Source: Instagram @coledeboer