Is Leah Messer Abusing Drugs? Co-Star Claims She’s “Strung Out”

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Fans are conerned!

Many Teen Mom cast members have come forward over the years to reveal that they suffered from addiction. In fact, some cast members are still currently fighting a battle with addiction and sobriety. However, there are still some cast members who have never discussed addiction publicly even though fans believe they may have suffered from it in the past.

Leah Messer has had her ups and downs with relationships and parenting in the past, but she’s remained a favorite among Teen Mom 2 fans. During a particularly rough patch, she went away to a treatment center for her depression and anxiety. But some fans believe that she was actually getting help for a drug addiction.

Now, one of Leah’s co-stars is joining in on the discussion, claiming that she’s still on drugs and accusing her of being “strung out.”


Credit: MTV