“It’s Not Healthy!” Chelsea Houska SLAMMED for Controversial Pregnancy Update

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Fans aren't into it!

Pregnancy can be one of the most beautiful times of a mother’s life, but that doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and roses. There are some difficulties that come with pregnancies, including health conditions, aches and pains, and the most common side effect: weight gain. Most mothers-to-be expect to gain at least a few pounds during a pregnancy, and see it as simply part of the process. That includes celebrity mothers like the newly pregnant Chelsea Houska.

Chelsea has wowed her fans in the past with her ability to drop her baby weight quickly. But now is her weight loss coming before the health of her unborn child? Fans are alarmed by Chelsea’s recent weight loss strategy and are calling her out for potentially unsafe practices or even attempts to scam her fans!

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Credit: MTV