Chelsea Houska Opens Up About Her Adoption Plans!

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She's spilling her thoughts!

Some people were just born to have large families, and Chelsea Houska has made it clear from the very beginning that she’s one of them. She’s never been subtle about the importance she places on having a close (and big) family. But at the beginning of Teen Mom 2, there was just one problem with this: her baby daddy was a bit of a flake.

Chelsea’s first baby daddy Adam Lind threw a wrench in her happily ever after from the very beginning. While she and Adam were still young, they constantly fought over Adam’s involvement and financial support of his daughter. Chelsea’s friends, family, and even her fans begged her constantly to leave him and never look back, but because Chelsea wanted to keep her family together, it wasn’t so easy for her.

Luckily, all hope was not lost for Chelsea and her goals. Soon, Cole DeBoer came along and ended her search for a Prince Charming. It wasn’t long before Chelsea’s dream of having a big family was put back on track, and she and Cole had their first son, Watson, together.
Even though she’s still battling with Adam, she’s much closer to her happily ever after than she was at the beginning of Teen Mom 2. But there are still a few missing puzzle pieces that she’s focusing her attention on, and now she’s explaining how her adoption plans may change things up.

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