Banned for Good! Chelsea Houska FURIOUS After Her Criminal Baby Daddy Violates Custody Arrangement

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She's livid!

If there’s one person you never want to make angry, it’s the mother of your child. Even though Chelsea Houska loves to laugh, relax, and spend time with her family, she’s not someone we’d like to get on the wrong side of. And when it comes to protecting her children, she’s made it clear time and time again that she’ll do anything to keep them safe, healthy, and happy. She’s also made it clear that whoever comes between her children and their safety has a whole world of hurt coming to them.

Even though things are going great between her and her husband Cole DeBoer, it’s not so good between her and her first baby daddy, Adam Lind. In fact, after recent drug arrests, Adam has had his custody of their daughter drastically reduced. Now Chelsea is absolutely livid with her criminal baby daddy after he snuck behind her back to see Aubree.

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Credit: MTV