Going Too Far? Tyler Reveals Catelynn Shared His Secret Diagnosis Without His Permission!

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He's letting out the truth!

Even though speaking out about mental illness is important, many people find it to be a very private and personal struggle. Celebrities and activists have worked hard in recent years to reduce the stigma around mental illness, but at the end of the day, it’s an individual’s personal decision when or if the want to go public with any diagnoses they may have.

Many Teen Mom stars have made the decision to share with fans what diagnoses they are personally struggling with, and Catelynn Lowell is one of them. She’s been open about her anxiety, depression, and trauma, and has shown support for others who are struggling. But did she just overstep her bounds in a huge way?

It’s no secret that her husband Tyler Baltierra has experienced his share of hardship and mental illness in the past, but his recent diagnosis was not known by fans — until now. Did Catelynn mess up by revealing her husband’s struggles?

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