Gross AF: Fans Disgusted by Briana’s Latest NSFW Post-Surgery Pic

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No thanks, Briana!!

Briana DeJesus has always marched to the beat of her own drumm, and that’s made her a pretty controversial person for Teen Mom fans. In short, there are those who adore her and there are also those that detest her. That hasn’t stopped Briana from being herself, though ― and sometimes being Briana means a little bit of oversharing.

It was clear that Briana didn’t mind strangers seeing her most personal details when she aired her full plastic surgery for everyone to see on Snapchat. Even though thousands of fans tuned in to see it, now fans are asking for just the opposite: for her to STOP sharing!

Briana continues to show NSFW shots of her post-surgery bod, and fans are justifiably grossed out!

briana dejesus

Credit: MTV