Teen Mom ‘Til You Drop

Are Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus BFFs? Here’s What We Know.

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But Honestly, Can Anyone on this Show Really Stay Friends?

When MTV announced in March that Briana DeJesus would be joining the cast of Teen Mom 2, the other moms were not having it.

For one reason or another, none of them were very pleased about the new addition to the cast — but maybe that was just because they would be getting slightly less screentime.

Briana came out with guns a-blazin’, too. Even though the announcement was so recent, she’s already been stirring up drama on social media like everyone expected her to.

But strangely enough, there’s one girl she seems to get along with fine: Kailyn Lowry.

Are these two BFF or just frenemies? Here’s what we know.

Source: Instagram @_brianadejesus

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