Are Javi and Briana Looking to Start a Family Together?

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Will we hear wedding bells soon?

Friends don’t date their friends’ exes. It is the golden rule of relationships/friendships, and it is crystal clear. Does this rule apply to costars though? With all of the reality tv shows hitting the screens and sucking up the public’s attention, this is a question that needs an answer.

No other reality show needs to know whether or not dating a costar’s ex is socially acceptable more than Teen Mom needs to know. The cast, mainly composed of females, only ever interact with their own baby daddies, within their own social circles, so when they start talking with each other’s exes, things get a little strange.

Let’s not be so vague… When Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin started conversing, things didn’t get strange, they got straight up awkward.

javi waving on teen mom after show

Source: Instagram @javim9

See the rumor!