Amber Portwood Reveals She’s a Victim of Domestic Violence

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The truth comes out!

It’s hard to say what exactly was the nail in the coffin of Amber Portwood and Matt Baier’s relationship. It’s no secret that Matt Baier had a pretty sketchy past, and kept up to five of his children a secret from her. On top of that, he failed a polygraph test about cheating on her, which created a huge rift between the couple. In the beginning of this season of Teen Mom OG, Amber formally kicked Matt to the curb, but we all know there were a lot of fights that didn’t air.

Luckily, they’ll soon be airing on a different show. In an attempt to save their relationship, Amber and Matt headed to Marriage Boot Camp to try to patch things up. It seems to have had the opposite effect, driving the wedge even further between them. The show has yet to air, but this sneak peek reveals a disturbing update: Amber says Matt has hit her.

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Credit: MTV