Looks Like Amber Portwood Is Engaged to Andrew Glennon!

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Is Amber locking it down?!

For many people, the stages of parenting are pretty clear cut. As the old rhyme goes, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage.” Well, the Teen Mom girls are well-known for flipping that script on its head. Many of the cast members welcomed a baby into their lives well before they were married, and most of them did so before they even found love! Now that they’re closer to being thirty than they are to being teenagers, many of the Moms have settled down with someone and gotten married before having more children. For Amber Portwood, it seems that she’s still going with the baby-first method.

Amber has just revealed her spring due date for her second baby, who she’s having with her new boyfriend Andrew Glennon. Amber had never been vocal about wanting another child, so when she revealed her pregnancy, it was a shock to her fans everywhere. Now, it seems like there’s another shock in store: is Amber Portwood engaged to Andrew?!

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Source: YouTube People