Secret Relapse? Amber Portwood Accused of Being HIGH While Filming!

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Is she back on drugs?

Over the years, Teen Mom has documented many different faces of drug addiction, relapses, and recoveries. Even some of the strongest cast members have a history of addiction, and many of them are outspoken about the difficulties that come along with the debilitating disease. Unfortunately, as many cast members work to stay clean, it’s not rare for them to struggle with relapses.

Of all of the cast members, Amber Portwood’s struggle with addiction may have had one of the most lasting implications: landing her in prison. Amber spent years behind bars for her drug use and domestic violence several years ago, and has since been outspoken about her harrowing experience. Fans support her in her sobriety, but now one voice is accusing her of having had a relapse.

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Credit: MTV