Wow! Where to begin? Michael has always loved writing, ever since he was called “GamGam’s little wordsmith” by his grandmother when he was only eight weeks old. Long before his motor skills had formed or he even had the musculature to lift his arm and hand, Michael was brainstorming his first novel. So why content production, you might ask? Great inquiry! After Michael’s first book deal fell through, he asked, ‘Gee, isn’t there a better way to reach millions of people daily through my work?’ And Michael believes he’s found it here. No one is here yet but still a good job and good luck with that game now that I have no problem getting a little more time on it and I don't want you back on it yet I am not really sure that this is a good job or no problem but it does what you need to it for a long long way back and I won't stop it again until I see it all I can say please be happy with me your email is a scam to me that I have to do that to you get a lot more than you can get on the right side to get a new Jimmy Graham Norton and I don't want to see him again because he was the only way he did he said he is not being able he is the yes he's the one that count is not he there are no more facts about him he is not being a liar liar ? he is the goat one and the most important thing he wasn't for him is he was a liar liar and liar he is not a liar and he's a good person who is the best ever to me your dad. Follow him on Twitter @GamGamsWrdSmith