Amber Says Matt Robbed Her of $120,000!

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She's furious!

Breakups can be extremely difficult for everyone involved. Especially after lengthy relationships, it can be hard to take apart all the pieces of your life and separate them from your ex. We’ve all gone through those awkward moments of trying to determine what belongs to whom in the breakup, but what about when it’s more than just your favorite hoodie or the puppy you adopted together?

After Amber Portwood finally dumped Matt, she realized that there was something he made off with. In fact, there was a lot he made off with: $120,000! With her Teen Mom salary, Amber Portwood was the clear breadwinner of the relationship, but that didn’t stop Matt Baier from being the big spender. Now, Amber is dealing with the hard fact that her three-year relationship cost her over a hundred grand of her savings.

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Credit: MTV